About GCT Exchange

GCT Trading platform is a digital currency trading platform that uses artificial intelligence and crypto arbitrage algorithms to buy digital currency at low price and sell at the possible higher price to earn the difference as profit between two.

GCT platform allows you to place the order on every hour and upto twenty four transactions per day and each of transaction can generate decent amount as the profit. After every hour, frozen amount will be return to your account and you will be able to accept the orders.

GCT is providing artificial intelligence based high-frequency transaction services to the users across the world. In high frequency transaction mode, it does not matter whether the market is bull or bear, whether the large market fluctuation or stable, you will always get benefit of price differences.

Our transaction system uses the secured transaction mechanism combining point to point transmission technology, real time clearing engine, high network security system, smart digital wallet. AI intelligent algorithms are used to find the best order for you. you can make complete transaction operation such as digital currency delivery, two-way authorization automatically. GCT makes sure safety for your fund while you transact.

Our real time clearing engine system will complete all the settlements within few hours and settle your income in your account automatically.

Our Team

Jack Anderson

He is holding international experience in USA, UK at leading organization such as Vodafone, Nokia and other leading organization. He has worked as a financial advisor in Fintech and Banks. He holds bachelor degree in business and commerce. He is certified financial planners. He is the authorized representative of GCT Exchange.

Jimmi Adekojo

Being a customer success manager, Jimmi has responsibility for boosting sales and revenue. He is holding extensive years of experience in managing several accounts, designing client on-boarding process and developing and implementing the process. He is certified managers and has been working with GCT.

Harry Asumah

Harry is an experienced community outreach coordinators with over seven years of experience. He helped organizations to benefit from the high level of community engagement. He has proved he is beneficial entity for the business growth. Harry started worked with us recently and make a strong image in the company.

Hemlet Hofler

Hemlet Holfer develops segmentation framework and other predictive models to improve the major growth initiatives. He holds the bachelor as well as the master degree from the University of Cincinnati. He is well versed to take steps in the favor of company growth. He is working with GCT since past three months and proved himself as a valuable entity.

James Williamson

As a Marketing Manager, James Williamson is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to promote the company's brand and product. He holds more than ten years of experience in marketing. James has managed various other channels like social media networks, Google ads and website content marketing to deliver a persuasive and cohesive marketing message to the audience. He holds a Master's degree in marketing and has been working with GCT for the past few months.