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Enjoy high frequency Crypto OTC trading experience and secure funds at GCT Exchange investment options.



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What makes GCT Trade standalone than other platforms?


Verified traders

Verify every trader, exchanges and trading desk that signs up on the platform and perform background checks such as KYC and others to avoid scams.


Guaranteed transactions

Move funds in seconds with multi-party computation, a solution that enables the secure transfer of digital assets and guarantees transactions.


Instant settlement

Instant settlement refers to faster settlements for both crypto to crypto and fiat to crypto deals. Funds will be swapped in the trader’s account instantly.

Problem with current trading system


In present all the exchanges pose significant vulnerability risk and hackers can infiltrate and highjack trades, resulting loss of millions of dollars.

No discovery

Lack of discovery tools and verified sources prevents small and medium-sized funds from being found and prevents growth, restricting the industry to remain stagnant as more significant players in the space receive all the traffic.


Lack of transparency and layer of anonymity that GCT trading provides prevent the collection of valuable data on the GCT trade.


Lot of OTC trade platform exist and it can be bit challenging to keep track all of them.

No end-to-end solutions

No other platform offers a complete solution except GCT.


Long, slow, lengthy and inefficient trading process. Present platforms take hours and even days to process trades.


High transaction volume platform

GCT is high transactions volume platform featuring a pool of available deals enabling direct trading.

Customized search

Customizable audience search and advanced analytical tools.

Network of traders

GCT is a network of verified traders with trading desk.

Advantages of arbitrage trading with GCT

Risk Free

As the buying and selling price of the underlying assets is known in advance to the fund manager, there is very little risk in the arbitrage funds.

Duty Tax

Though arbitrage funds give near assured return, they are treated as equity funds as the majority of their exposure is to the equity market.

Ease of Investing

Without having experience in trading, you can start arbitrage trading with GCT by following simple steps.

Industry Leading Features

Exclusive Access

Access quality, exclusive deals securely, right in our platform.

Blazing Speed

Launch a desk that offers bespoke deals and transactions that settle instantly.

Secure Trading Environment

Perform background checks and verify each trade and user. Every transaction is audited.

Deal Confidentiality

Implement strict confidentiality for every offer, deal, and counter-offer within the platform. All transactions handled with a high degree of privacy.

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